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CoinPayments is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports many currencies. It facilitates rapid and easy transactions with over 2,000 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

CoinPayments has established itself as an industry leader by providing rapid, secure, and integrated solutions for managing crypto payments since its inception in 2013.

The network boasts over 70,000 members in over 200 countries and a total of $10 billion in crypto payments. Read this review and get full control of this payment gateway!

Coinpayments Casinos - Safe Deposit
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What is CoinPayments

What is CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a wallet that allows you to pay using cryptocurrencies and other digital assets and funds. Because of its many features and compatibility with over 2,000 currencies and tokens, it has become a popular wallet among traders, investors, companies, and crypto users.

You may also take advantage of the PoS (point of sale) capability. Because of this, you may now accept individual payments via your sales channels.

Furthermore, CoinPayments offers a "shopping cart" connection option that is compatible with the majority of significant e-commerce platforms. This makes it easy for you to buy and pay in Bitcoin.

The CoinPayments wallet supports GAP600 confirmation, which, unlike conventional Bitcoin payments, provides instantaneous payments. There is also an automatic currency conversion option built in. This saves you time and money when calculating the conversion rate.

It is recognized as a sleek wallet with excellent mobile device compatibility, thanks to the Android and iOS apps that let you:

  • Manage your account
  • Get full support
  • Access to exclusive software, services, and incoming payments
What is CoinPayments
Depositing with CoinPayments at an Online Casino

Depositing with CoinPayments at an Online Casino

So you've decided to grab this payment method and use it for one of your upcoming online casino sessions. Great! However, do you know how to make a deposit at online casinos?

If not, then just follow these simple rules, which will ensure that your money will be transferred safely onto your casino account within just a few minutes:

  1. The first thing you'll have to do is to download, install, and create an account at Coin Payments. We will explain the entire procedure below, so don't worry about this step.
  2. Once you've taken care of getting the eWallet, it's time to choose the right online casino for you. To do so, check out our lists here on CasinoRank. We select only the finest online casinos available, meaning you won't have to think of anything else besides having fun!
  3. Now create an account at your selected online casino, which shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. Make sure to fill out the form and to verify your account. If you don't, then the payments could be delayed or not approved.
  4. Make sure that you don't miss out on the welcome bonus or special offer. Usually, you'll have to choose the bonus or make sure you fulfill the conditions, like, for example, the minimum deposit.
  5. Once you actually make the deposit, you'll only have to enter the amount you'd like to transfer and then confirm the transaction with the payment app. This is quite standard, although Coin Payments does use high security measures, meaning that you'll have to confirm and approve everything before getting your money into your casino account.

Now you'll just have to wait to get the money into the casino. Once that's done, you'll be able to let loose!

Depositing with CoinPayments at an Online Casino
How to Make a Withdrawal at the Same Casino

How to Make a Withdrawal at the Same Casino

As you perhaps may have noticed, getting a deposit made isn't that hard. But what about the withdrawal? Well, luckily, the withdrawals using CoinPayment are also quite easy.

Basically, you just have to hear out what the casino has to say about the withdrawal process, and fulfill the steps. Here's what a withdrawal could look like:

  1. From the moment you've won at the casino, there's just one way of making the withdrawal and that's to go to the cashier and choose withdrawal. As expected, CoinPayment should be in there as a withdrawal method.
  2. Choose CoinPayment and decide how much you want to withdraw. Keep in mind that most casinos will tell you what the limits are for both the minimum and maximum.
  3. Make sure that you confirm the transaction. Also, most casinos will have a KYC, meaning that you'll have to show them some ID before getting your money.
  4. If you've previously shared your personal documents, then it will all come down if the casino has any additional waiting time, or if you can get the money instantly.
  5. Now you'll just have to wait until the casino releases your money and until CoinPayment verifies its authenticity.

That's it, you're ready to enjoy your winnings!

How to Make a Withdrawal at the Same Casino
Top Bonus with CoinPayments

Top Bonus with CoinPayments

Bonuses are a huge topic. Casinos rely on them heavily, since they are both the perfect marketing strategy and a way to keep customers satisfied. Luckily, casinos are packed with all sorts of different bonuses, going from huge welcome packages, all the way to VIP bonuses.

We've selected quite a few that you should at least consider when registering an account at an online casino. These are our favourite ones:

Welcome Bonuses

The moment you register an account at a casino, you'll be handed a welcome bonus. This bonus is the mother of all bonuses, mainly because it's the biggest one as well. Usually, a welcome bonus may include a deposit bonus (or several ones), free spins, or even cashback.

No Deposit Bonuses

A surprisingly good bonus is the no deposit bonus, which can be claimed by simply registering an account or using a bonus code. This isn't the biggest bonus, since it's normally between $5 and $10. However, a no deposit bonus is a fantastic way to get to know an online casino without taking as many risks.

Cashback Bonus

Players who are not keen on losing their bets or wagers tend to go for a cashback bonus. This bonus is different, since it allows you to get a percentage of your lost wagers back, instead of getting a bonus for depositing or registering an account. This bonus is particularly popular among table game players, since it also has lower wagering requirements.

Top Bonus with CoinPayments
Pros & Cons of CoinPayments for a Crypto User

Pros & Cons of CoinPayments for a Crypto User

We have listed the main advantages and disadvantages of CoinPayment Wallet for your convenience.


  • Integration with ShapeShift: This feature allows for quick and easy coin conversion.
  • Two-factor authentication increases the security of your digital assets, while it can protect your account and funds.
  • A multi-signature system demands that each transaction be signed with a unique private key, splitting the network's responsibilities and increasing security.
  • Available in multiple countries.
  • Private coin market manager for each business owner and private users.
  • A company with support wizard and the ability to offer the exchange to merchants, other companies, partners, services, and users that accept crypto-coin software.


  • It does not use open source code since it is proprietary and cannot be updated by the broader public.
  • Because the wallet does not implement the Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) feature, it cannot be classified as an HD wallet. This means it does not have a 12-word seed key that may be used to produce an endless number of private and public keys.
  • You do not have access to the private key. Your private key is managed by the platform.
  • Unauthorized Ripple withdrawals have already occurred as a consequence of major platform flaws.
Pros & Cons of CoinPayments for a Crypto User
How to Install Coin Payments for Crypto Payments

How to Install Coin Payments for Crypto Payments

Want to use this multi-currency wallet but don't know how? To set up your digital wallet, simply follow the steps below. In no time, you'll be able to send and receive incoming payments, as well as a variety of other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

1. Download and Install or Create an Account

Before you can use the wallet, you must first create an account. On the CoinPayments official website, click the "Get Started" button.

Personal information, email address, and password must be submitted in a form supplied to you. There are no fees involved with registration.

It is not necessary to link your CoinPayments account to a bank account, credit card, or debit card alternatives or competitors. Unlike other wallets that allow you to buy cryptocurrencies with real money, this wallet just allows you to transfer, exchange, and receive crypto coins.

2. Make a Seed

After creating a new crypto account, go to the platform. The "Your Wallets" tab should be accessible. There are many options for your wallet there. Choose one and then "Coin Options" to create a new address.

3. Receive Digital Currency in the CoinPayments Wallet

You are now ready to send and receive cryptocurrencies using your own CoinPayments wallet. Coins may be removed from your profile's "Your Wallets" tab.

After selecting a wallet, choose "Coin Options." Click to transfer and withdraw money. Enter the recipient's details, your account information, and the amount to be sent. When you're ready, click the "Withdraw/Send Request" button.

To begin receiving crypto payments, click the "Receive" button. Create a new public address, or copy an existing one, and send it to the entity that will provide you with the cryptos. The address may also be printed and emailed to the organization as a QR code.

How to Install Coin Payments for Crypto Payments
Discover other Deposit Methods

Discover other Deposit Methods

It might occur that you don't fancy this payment gateway - perhaps because there's not the right casino that offers this method, or because you were simply looking for other features.

In this case, we've got some good news for you. The iGaming industry is filled with payment methods that make life easier for the players. Most of them specialise in deposits. However, finding the right method that fits both your deposit and withdrawal needs is also quite easy.

Here are our favourite alternatives, in case you want to choose another deposit method this year:


Without a doubt, the most popular eWallet you'll find at online casinos is PayPal. This classic payment method has been around our internet community since the beginning of the millennium. It has Elon Musk written all over it, since it was also one of his first-ever projects. However, PayPal was initially created almost exclusively for the site eBay, although it's now a juggernaut among casino deposit methods.


US players have one huge advantage over nearly all other casino players, and that's the fact, that Interac is part of the iGaming payment community. Interac works wonderfully well as a deposit and even withdrawal method, having gained the trust of US players over decades now. That's why nearly every online casino offers Interac as one of the main payment methods this year.


A completely different and innovative deposit method is Paysafecard. Paysafecard is nothing else than a pre-paid card, which you can buy anywhere in US, or online. The thing about Paysafecard is that it works by just using the code on the card, which you'll have to introduce in the deposit section. This means that there's no need to share extra bank details, which sometimes should remain anonymous.

Our Conclusion About the CoinPayments Company & Wallet

CoinPayments is the ideal wallet for anyone who wants to manage several crypto transactions on a single, convenient platform for merchants and users. The main advantages of CoinPayments are their simplicity, support for PoS, and availability as an iOS and Android app.

Unlike other wallets, the user, company, or private business does not own the private key. For certain types of merchants, this may not be perfect - although it's still worth trying out.

Discover other Deposit Methods
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