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Best 147 Roulette Online Casino in 2021/2022

Roulette is a famous casino game with countless fans worldwide. Providing some of the highest paying online casinos for gamblers, CasinoRank™ is meant for online roulette players looking to play the best online roulette games and take big wins home.

Players need to note that these online casinos have different features. Therefore, they should invest time in checking out most of them before deciding on the ones to sign up with.

Like with all casino games, players considering these roulette casinos online should familiarize themselves with the rules and how to play the game. Mastering how to play roulette is the first step to winning.

Below we will teach you how to win at online roulette, and we have also listed the best online roulette casinos.

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Best 147 Roulette Online Casino in 2021/2022

Top Casinos

Roulette Online Casinos


BonusUp to $1750 + 290 Free Spins

18+ | Play Responsibly | gamblingtherapy.org | T&Cs Apply

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  • High Odds
  • Wide Range of Sports
  • Great bonuses on offer
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BonusUp to €1500 + 150 free spins
  • Multi currency casino
  • Wide range of games
  • Slots casino
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Pin-Up Casino

  • Withdrawals within 24 hours
  • 24/7 Live Chat
  • Mobile friendly design
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  • Great software providers
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Withdrawals in 24 hours
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Spela Casino

  • High withdrawal limits
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Multi currency
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  • Desktop & mobile friendly
  • Great 24/7 service
  • SSL encryption
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AHTI Games



  • Live chat open 24/7
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 0-24 withdrawal timeframe
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BonusWelcome Bonus €1200 + 100 Spins
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • 0-24 withdrawal time frame
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Golden Star

BonusUp to €500 + 100 Free Spins

18+ | Play Responsibly | gamblingtherapy.org | T&Cs Apply

  • Various withdrawal methods
  • Live chat open 24/7
  • 24 hours withdrawal time frame
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What is Online Roulette?

What is Online Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular game types at online casino. Roulette comes from french and means "little wheel".

There are 3 main types of Roulette:

  • French
  • European
  • American

Roulette players put their bet on a number, several numbers, a group of numbers and on black and red. The croupier then spins the wheel in one direction and then spins the ball in the opposite direction.

How to Play Roulette

Roulette is played on a wheel marked in black/red and numbers. Players need to guess where the chip will land and place their bets. Once the time for placing bets is over, the croupier, of software spins the wheel, and the winner is the selection on where the chip comes to a stop.

For online roulette, players will also need to understand the roulette board. Make sure to review the board thoroughly as it is a representation of the wheel. In online roulette, beats are placed on the board and not the wheel like in a land casino.

There are two categories of online casino roulette; European and American roulette which are classified based on the number of pockets each wheel has and the numbering system. European roulette wheels feature 36 numbers and a single zero (0).

The RTP for European roulette is around 97.3%. On the other hand, American roulette has 36 numbers and an additional (00) pocket. Here, the house is favored as the RTP is slightly lower at 94.74%.

Understanding the wheel variations is critical as it directly determines the kinds of bets roulette fans can place. For learners, we recommend free online roulette to get used to the two wheels and choose the best.

Roulette Bets and Rules

Roulette has two main types of bets; inside and outside bets.

With inside bets, players can wager on a number straight up or pick a combination. Inside bets include; straight up, split, street, corner, line, five-number, basket, and snake bet.

When it comes to outside bets, these are wagers placed on a group of numbers or a group of colors. There are several outside bets including Red or Black, Odd or Even, High or Low, Columns, and Dozens. Make sure to analyze all these bets and find out what works best in terms of returns and stake amounts as well.

There are also some special rules in roulette. Among the most popular include 'En Prison' this is a rule that applies on even-money bets only. For starters, even money bets are those that double the stake; for every $10 wagered and won, players get $20 total.

When a zero shows up, the player can either claim half the bet or play again to get it all or lose all. Another special rule is 'La Partage' rule which is similar to 'En Prison,' but this time, when zero shows up, players lose half the stake.

There's no option of leaving the bet for the next spin.

Roulette Basic Strategy

Roulette is widely accepted as a game of chance. However, there are claims that some experts have beaten the roulette system using mathematics and logic.

While this may sound a hoax, consider the case of Charles De Ville Wells who broke the bank at all the tables he played on at the Monte Carlo Casino in 1891.

Then came Dr. Richard Jarecki who won over $1.2 million in European casinos. He claimed that he was using a mathematical formula.

Just recently in 2004, an English gambler, Ashley Revell sold everything he had and placed his entire net worth (US$135,300) on red at the Plaza Hotel casino and walked away with a cool 270,600.

The most popular roulette strategy is Martingale. The trick is to place one unit of two extremes that is odd/eve or black/red. If the bet is lost, double the stake and go for the same option that lost.

Keep doubling the stake until the bet wins. But trust me, there is no guarantee that an odd number won't show up five times in a row.

Yes, it is rare, but there is a possibility. The problem with the Martingale roulette betting system is that doubling the stake might drain the player in just three rounds. If the stake is $100, and it is lost, stake $200. Lose again, then stake $400.

Free Online Roulette

In the land casinos, it is serious business. No one has time to help amateur roulette players how the game is played. But the advantage of roulette casinos online is that they offer games in free play. These games provide the same thrill, and the catch is that players won't lose any money.

Some select casinos even entice gamblers with free bets to get started, but the wagering requirements are just crazy. Yes, they might offer $20 worth of free bets but then, to withdraw the winnings, players must play through up to 35 times and still have a balance to withdraw - an impossible fête.

Real Money Roulette

Tired with free play? Play with real money, and the winnings are in real money. With free online roulette, winnings are not in real money. Roulette can be addictive just like any other form of gambling so play responsibly and have a strict budget for roulette.

Deposit methods are vast. Use eWallets like PayPal, MasterCard, VISA , POLi, Payza, Paysafecard, Trustly, Neteller, and even Bank Wire Transfer.

Withdrawals can also be made to the same platforms. The transactions are secure if it is a licensed casino. Deposits are faster, but withdrawals vary depending on the payment platform.

Best Roulette Casino Sites

Online roulette is popular courtesy of the exponential growth of online gambling. Today, it is among the favorite casino games together with the likes of baccarat and blackjack. Its simplicity makes it an excellent game for newbies.

Online roulette is also cheaper compared to playing the game in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Technology has played a significant part in the development of online roulette. The skilled online roulette software sites and software providers offer the best interactive roulette games.

On the other hand, technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionizing online live roulette games. Emerging payment systems like cryptocurrency have also transformed the industry for the better.

2NominiUp to €1000+ 100 free spins 8.3
3Hyper CasinoWelcome Bonus Up to €3007.87
4PlayToroUp to $/€100 + 25 Free Spins 8.22
5Betwinner€300 1st deposit Bonus / €390 With Bonus Code CASINORANK8.91
6BAO€300/1BTC + 100 Free spins8.9
7DLX Casino€100 + 100 Spins7.86
8Royal Panda€/$1000 + 10 Spins on Live Casino7
9Spela CasinoUp to €/$1000 + 100 Free Spins7.12
10DuxCasinoUp to € 1000 + 255 Spins 9.1
Online Casino Games Offering the Best Winning Odds

Online Casino Games Offering the Best Winning Odds

Have you ever thought you’re currently playing the wrong online casino game? Well, you’re not alone. Most betting games come with something called the house edge.

Best Online Casino Games in 2021

Best Online Casino Games in 2021

Whether you’re a new or seasoned online casino player, figuring out the best online casino games to play can be confusing. That’s because all online casino games promise an engaging gameplay full of high payouts. But here is the secret; some games are simply better in many aspects. So, this article features a list of the best casino games online to help you start on the front foot.

Online Roulette: Martingale Strategy

Online Roulette: Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is not a modern approach in the casino gambling sphere as it has been in place for several hundred years, Online casino has adopted this strategy and its potency. Martingale strategy is as old as the Roulette casino itself which is as far back as the eighteenth century in France. Martingale strategy was a tactic that widely used in the 50/50 'Head or Tail' game. It is a strategy that requires some mathematical proficiency, but it is not completely down to that. The Martingale strategy is a progressive gambling system used by gamers to double their stakes after a loss. This technique is reinforced by the sense that a losing streak cannot endure indefinitely, and all defeats are regenerated with a forthcoming victory. The concept behind it is clear in a brief. After each loss, you have to simply raise your bet to a double of the previous loss. Effectively, the moment you win, your lost funds will be recouped then you can go back to the minimum starting amount.


What is Roulette online?


Online Roulette is the second most popular online casino game. Available in both online and live versions players place their bets on the outcome or combinations of outcomes that the spinning ball will bring. Strategy can significantly increase players chances of winning in this game.

A good example of a trustworthy casino that offers Roulette is Casino Extra.

Is Roulette a game of luck?


Although Roulette is a game of luck, with no player input effecting the outcome of the spinning ball, there are ways for players to improve their chances by betting their money on smart bets. The different bets have vastly different odds and it's a good idea to understand them before you get started.

Where is Roulette most popular?


Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. It originated in America but has since spread around the world. It's particularly popular in Chinese and American casinos.

Is Roulette online rigged?


Roulette is a popular online casino games and illegitimate sites pop up regularly. Always use a site that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and is popular amongst other players.

Which is the most popular Roulette online?


The most popular version of Roulette is European Roulette because it has much better odds than the American version. The extra double zero on the American version gives the house an even greater edge.

Why are there so many different Roulette versions offered online?


There are two main versions of roulette, European and American. You should always aim to play European Roulette because it has significantly better odds than the American version with the extra double zero.

What does Neighbour mean in Roulette?


A "neighbour" in Roulette means that you bet on 5 numbers that are all next to eachother.

What is the biggest Roulette win?


One of the biggest wins ever was made by Pedro Grendene Bartelle in 2017, who won $3.5 Million in Rio de Janeiro.

What do you call a Roulette bet?


The type of bet that you make in Roulette are called "Call bets". This means that players call out what they want their bets to be rather than placing coins or chips on a table.

What number hits the most in Roulette?


7 Red is known for being the most hit number in Roulette. How true this is however is unknown.

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