Avoid These Common Online Roulette Mistakes That Beginners Make



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Roulette is a classic table game that is one of the most straightforward to play. In this game, players only have to predict a number, color, or combination of numbers where the ball will stop. But don’t let that simplicity fool you, because many beginners make mistakes right before their noses. So, this beginner’s guide will help you avoid some of these pitfalls by discussing typical online roulette mistakes players make. Keep reading!

Avoid These Common Online Roulette Mistakes That Beginners Make

Mistake #1: Playing on the American wheel.

Online roulette comes in varying formations and wheels, with the most played versions being the American and European games. These online casino games use identical rules, bets, and payouts. But whereas the European version of the game has numbered 37 pockets, the American wheel has 38, thanks to the additional 00 sections. This is what makes all the difference.

In European roulette, the odds of winning a straight-up bet is 1:37. Conversely, the odds are longer in the American version at 1:38, despite most online casinos placing it at 1:35 on both wheels. The extra pocket on the American wheel evidently increases the house edge. This game has a higher rate at 5.24% house edge compared to the European wheel’s 2.70%. That’s a massive difference for games that use the same rules, bets, and payouts. 

But surprisingly, the European version is not even the best roulette game. Always play the French wheel, which offers a tantalizingly low 1.35% house edge, despite using the same layout and rules as the European game. The thing is that the French wheel uses the friendly La Partage and En Prison rules. But for obvious reasons, most online casino sites don’t offer this version of roulette.

Mistake #2: Pegging your hopes on even money bets.

It’s normal for beginners to place all their hopes of winning a roulette bet on even-money wagers. This is perfectly justified considering that bets such as odd/even, high/low, and red/black have almost a 50% chance of winning. To be more precise, you’ll enjoy 48.60% odds on the European wheel and 47.40% on the American version. 

But statistically speaking, players will still lose money even if they stick to even-money wagers in roulette. The casino will still win more than 50% of the time, which is bad news for your bank. Therefore, playing even-money bets will suffice if you want to register small wins here and there. But don’t expect to add anything substantial to your bankroll with these bets. 

Mistake #3: Not playing with a strategy.

You’ll find many articles advising roulette players to use betting systems to improve their chances of winning. But the truth is that these bloggers are like snake oil sales associates who give players false hopes only to get roasted at the casino. A betting system is more of a bankroll management strategy than a gaming strategy. Put simply, they don’t improve the odds of winning at all. 

However, incorporating a betting system into your bankroll management strategy can be what you’re missing in your gameplay. Consider this; the Martingale system advises you to double your stake after a loss in roulette. If you have a $500 daily budget, set a $1 or $5 base amount to give the betting system room to withstand a long losing streak.

Below is an example:

  • Bet $5 and lose, meaning you’re down $5.
  • Bet $10 and lose, meaning you’re down $15.
  • Bet $20 and lose, meaning you’re down $35
  • Bet $40 and lose, meaning you’re down $75.
  • Bet $80 and win, meaning you’re up $5.
  • Now revert to the initial $5 bet.

As you can see, this strategy ensures players cover their lost wagers with a single win. Things can even get juicier with two back-to-back wins. However, using a betting system requires a big bankroll to withstand the shocks of losing ten or so bets. And play it more on the even-money bets. 

Mistake #4: Not having specific bankroll limits.

Most beginners do not budget for their casino sessions. These players would just check their wallets and hit the casino at the right time. But this sets you up for failure because budgeting for your roulette game will ensure you know how much you win or lose. Remember that responsible gambling is about betting money you can comfortably lose at the casino. 

But as good as bankroll management is, don’t expect to win something substantial from the game with a $50 budget. As mentioned before, you’ll need a considerable bankroll to implement your betting strategy perfectly. Expert players recommend having a bankroll size 1,000x larger than your standard bet size. So, if you’re a $1 bettor, have at least a $1,000 bet, although a $500 budget for $1 bets would do.

Don’t forget to set stop-loss or win limits. A stop-loss limit is a losing cap on the player’s bankroll. For instance, you can have a stop-loss order of 20% on your $1,000 budget. This means calling it a day after losing $200. Leaving the casino after adding an amount to your initial budget is also advisable. Just call it quits while still ahead.

Mistake #5: Skipping online casino bonuses.

One advantage online casino players have over their land-based counterparts is the abundance of bonuses and promotions. The best online roulette casinos welcome newcomers with match deposit bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, and reload bonuses. Loyal roulette players also receive frequent cashback and tournament invitation treats. 

As a new roulette player, squeeze every coin out of these promotions. The thing is that playing roulette online can be expensive, with an average player making at least 300 spins per hour. And the more spins you play each hour, the more you lose, thanks to the house edge. Fortunately, online casino bonuses can help prolong your bankroll by allowing you to place free online roulette bets.

But whichever bonus you claim, always remember to read the terms and conditions. Some casinos can give players unrealistic wagering requirements, like a 70x playthrough requirement for a $500 deposit bonus. Also, the casino can specify the qualifying games, bonus validity period, and maximum bet limits. 

Mistake #6: Not playing live casino games.

Beginners are often in a hurry to play roulette games, and RNG titles serve them well. Although there’s no harm in playing RNG games, live roulette titles offer something unique. Social players will undoubtedly enjoy chatting with the dealer and other players for a more life-like experience. Live variants also have in-game stats for hot and cold bets/numbers, results history, and more. 

With that in mind, the best live roulette titles are from Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Microgaming, Ezugi, and NetEnt. These games boast sharp HD or 4K graphics and multiplier values to boost payouts. Evolution’s XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is an excellent example, boosting payouts by up to 2,000x. Playtech’s Quantum Roulette is another option with a maximum multiplier of 500x. 

But don’t be greedy, because these multipliers mainly apply to the hard-to-hit straight-up bets, which come with longer odds. In addition to that, live casino games often don’t qualify for bonus use. So, play these games for fun like someone inside a land-based casino. Note that the minimum bet limits can be as low as $0.10. 

Mistake #7: Chasing losses.

This guidepost discussed playing online roulette with betting systems like Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, and more. But don’t let these betting systems dictate your gameplay. Some players keep hoping that the next wager might result in a win and help them reduce their losses with a win or two. 

That’s a dangerous roulette mistake because nothing is certain. No one, including the dealer, is sure if the next bet will result in a win. Roulette is a luck-based game, so each number has a 50:50 chance of appearing in a spin. For this reason, know when to stop playing and try your luck the next day. Having a stop-loss limit will undoubtedly help you with this. 

Mistake #8: Playing at the wrong online casino.

Last but definitely not the least mistake that beginners make is playing at the wrong casino. The iGaming industry is full of scam gambling sites that lure unsuspecting players with big bonuses and extensive game libraries. Players will only realize when it’s too late after the casino has rigged them out or the website has refused to pay their winnings.

Thankfully, you can sniff a scam casino from afar. Confirm if the website is legal in countries like the UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Malta, Gibraltar, and Curacao to avoid falling victim to casino scams. These countries have strict regulatory bodies that ensure all licensed casinos offer their players free, fair, and transparent services.  

Once you confirm that an online casino is legal in your country, check out its background. Visit platforms like AskGamblers.com and Trustpilot to see how players comment on the casino’s services, like payouts, support, bonuses, and more. And yes, you can pick one from the well-researched options here at OnlineCasino Rank. 

Summing up

Roulette is easy and fun to play, making this game an excellent landing spot for new casino players. But with that simplicity, there are many decisions to make, or you’ll always lose money on the roulette table. 

Here is another critical reminder; a betting system doesn’t reduce the house edge, whether you’re playing roulette, blackjack, poker, or sports betting. Instead, use it as part of your bankroll management strategy at the casino. And most importantly, lower your winning expectations. Have fun playing roulette!

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

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