Recovering from Huge Online Casino Losses



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Truth be told, there are high chances that you’ve lost big money gambling online several times. That’s because making even a single online casino win is no mean feat. In a typical situation, losses at the casino are more common than wins. But what differentiates good players from average ones is how to bounce back from losses. And that’s what this post will discuss.

Recovering from Huge Online Casino Losses

Reasons why you lose gambling money often

Before learning how to bounce back from losses, let’s begin by discussing the reasons why you lose too often. There are several of them, actually. First and foremost, you don’t choose the right RTP. This refers to the return rate of an online casino game. For example, if a game’s RTP is 95%, it means players can win up to $95 for every $100 bet. So, a lower rate means more losing sessions.

Another reason why you always lose at the casino is that you play too much. Seasoned players know that timing is key for a successful session. That’s because the house edge starts catching up with you as the number of bets increases. In return, your allocated budget will only deplete at a faster rate, leaving you broke and distraught. 

Last, but certainly not least, most players lose a lot because they choose the attractive luck-based games over the dull-looking skill games. Games such as blackjack and poker allow players to employ card counting and edge sorting techniques to reduce the house edge and boost their winning odds. On the other side, luck-based games like roulette, craps, and slots only reduce you to a mere spectator after making a bet. So, shy away from those shiny slot machines.

How to live with gambling losses

Frequent losses at the casino are not only painful but also demoralizing. But you must wear thick skin to survive in this harsh environment. Here are a few tips: 

Play for entertainment

Before creating an account at the best online casinos, define your objective. Are you playing for an online casino win, or just for fun? Choosing the former is the best route. When you decide to play for entertainment, it means you can quickly shake off losses and move on. 

There’s no need to sulk and play blame games because it only leads to more damage. Some rogue casinos will even suspend your account if you register too many complaints.

Have a playing bankroll

Another effective way to insulate yourself from the shocks of losses is setting aside a gambling bankroll. Having a bankroll means that you’ll never play with money not meant for gambling. This way, you can always go home after a bad day and strategize with a clear mind. Experts recommend a bankroll at least 1000x the size of your average bet in order to have a good time at the casino.

Know when to leave

In the world of gambling addicts, there’s nothing like “leaving.” It’s always gambling until thy kingdom come. But before you get this far, it’s essential to know when to show the white flag. For example, leave after adding 25% to your bankroll or losing an equal amount. Also, stop gambling after losing a certain number of bets or playing for specific hours. All in all, limit yourself.

Don’t chase losses

Here is another red-hot mistake that novice gamblers can’t resist. After a string of sad losses, most gamblers are always eager to double or even triple their bets hoping to win a considerable amount. 

But unless luck happens, this will only set you up for even bigger and more painful losses. As said before, timing your play and knowing when to leave is the surest way to bounce back from losses. Don’t bet out of desperation.

Take a rest

Gambling can be emotionally demanding, especially if you’re gambling online for real money. You need to think and rethink your strategies, manage your bankroll, and so much more. 

Therefore, having a good night of sleep should suffice. You can also take frequent breaks during gameplay to clear your head. Usually, gamblers are at their lowest ebb when they play for far too long without taking breaks. So, if possible, take a week off to cool down.

Decrease the bet size

Is your bankroll size decreasing at a supersonic speed, and you’re not in the mood to quit playing? Then the only option is to reduce the bet size. In fact, you should never risk a lot of money on a single bet in the first place. So, go by the table minimum as you protect your bankroll and work on your confidence. Eventually, you’ll work your way back to your standard bet size.


Managing huge losses at the casino can be gut-wrenching, even for the most decorated players. But with the tips above, you can comfortably live with those bad beats. The main idea is to keep in mind that losses are part of the game and treat wins as bonuses.

Best gambling quote: “Successful gamblers always have two things on their lips: Silence and a smile”

Favorite Casino Game: Blackjack

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