Best Slingo Online Casino in 2023

It’s time to play Slingo – let’s go! If you’re looking for an online casino game that combines the thrill of slots with the adrenalin of bingo, then take Slingo online for a spin! That’s because when you play Slingo online, you’re not just playing one game – you’re playing two at the same time. It’s engaging, it’s fast-paced, it’s rewarding, and it’s everything you’re looking for in quality online entertainment.

If you’ve never played Slingo games online before, now’s your chance to find out more. We’ll take you through the history of the game, how to play it, where to play it, and what the best winning strategies are. So get ready – let’s play Slingo!

What is Slingo?

What is Slingo?

It’s right there in the name – the game Slingo is a cross between online slots and bingo. Which means you get the best of two action-packed online casino games in one. Plus for even more excitement, you’ll have Wild symbols to enjoy and certain decisions to make as well, giving you a thoroughly engaging online casino experience from start to finish.

Log on and if you've played a bingo game before, it’ll instantly look familiar. You’ll have a bingo card in front of you with a slot machine reel below. Your job is to use the numbers that land on the slot reel to complete as many lines either horizontally, vertically or diagonally as possible – and to keep an eye out for the extra features that land along the way!

That’s casino Slingo – easy to play and endlessly entertaining. That’s why it's been such a popular game ever since it was first created in 1994, and it’s why it’s still so well-loved to this day. Back then, classic Slingo was the way to play, but today some Slingo casinos offer more than 50 different varieties, from Slingo Rainbow Riches to Slingo Carnival, Slingo XXXtreme, Slingo Deal or No Deal, and many more. So, no matter what kind of player you are, you’ll find the Slingo game to suit you.

What is Slingo?
How to play Slingo

How to play Slingo

How do you get started playing Slingo online? It’s so easy! While there are a number of different versions of online Slingo, the concept is the same in each. You’ll have a 5x5 bingo card in the game area, with a single horizontal slot machine reel below – the perfect combination of slots and bingo!

Choose your bet size according to your budget, then start playing! Depending on the variation you choose, you’ll have a certain number of spins to play in exchange for your bet. After each spin, 5 numbers will be revealed on the slot reel, one under each column of the bingo card. If a number on the reel corresponds with a number on the card, you’ll have a match – and the more matches you make, the more lines you’ll fill, and the more you’ll win. Simple!

To add to the fun, you’ll also have a number of extra Slingo bingo symbols to look out for along the way, such as Wilds, coins, free spins and more. Find these extra symbols and you could win instant prizes and even special game bonuses too.

Plus, complete lines and capture certain symbols and you can earn game points, which you can then exchange for free spins. Or if you don’t have enough points, you can purchase them during your game play instead. It’s all part of the thrill of casino Slingo!

Playing Slingo for free

Want to get started playing Slingo online? Most Slingo sites will allow you to play free or demo versions for practice first. It’s here that you’ll learn how to play Slingo, try out the different games available, and gain valuable experience.

Playing Slingo for real money

Once you’re comfortable playing Slingo online, you can upgrade to real money play and start placing bets. Register an account, make a deposit, and claim your welcome bonus too – all part of the fun of playing Slingo online!

How to play Slingo
Playing Different Slingo Games Online

Playing Different Slingo Games Online

Which Slingo variation should you be playing? Take a look at some of the most popular versions available, and find the best one to suit you.

Slingo Riches: Get to grips with this Slingo classic in the first real money online Slingo game ever created. 11 spins per bet, Jokers and Super Jokers are wild, and fun is the name of the game!

Slingo Rainbow Riches: Find the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and enjoy some magical surprises with up to 7 bonus games. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Slingo Deal or No Deal: Get the best of TV and slots with this themed Slingo game. Pick a lucky box, slide up the prize ladder, and make a deal by winning!

Slingo Starburst: Make a play for winnings that are outside of this world. Boost your winnings with Starburst Wilds and extra spins Wilds and get ready for cosmic entertainment!

Slingo Carnival: Step right up and play up to seven fun-filled bonus rounds with bottles, balloons, carnival rides and more. It’s the greatest show on earth!

Slingo Centurion: Go back in time to Ancient Rome with Slingo Centurion and join the battle for gold, fame, and Slingo's fortune!

Slingo Showdown: Enter the world of the Wild, Wild West with Slingo Showdown and enjoy the best of slots, bingo and poker too.

Slingo XXXtreme: Take your online Slingo game play to the next level and enjoy bigger jackpots, extra features, and the chance to purchase unlimited free spins!

Playing Different Slingo Games Online
How to win at Slingo

How to win at Slingo

When it comes to Slingo, how to play is one thing – how to win is another. Here’s what you need to know to give yourself the best chance of boosting your bankroll.

The symbols of Slingo

Whether you’re playing a variation like Deal or No Deal or Rainbow Riches, Slingo has a number of unique bonus symbols that allow you to make certain decisions and add extra excitement as a result:

  • Joker/Wild: Allows you to mark off any number in the column above
  • Super Jokers/Wilds: Allow you to mark off any number in the entire grid
  • 3+ Wilds/Super Wilds: A free spin
  • Free spin: A free spin
  • Coin: An instant cash prize
  • Blocker: Blocks any matches in the column above

Luck-based games vs skills-based games

Luck versus skill – what’s the difference? In an online casino, the difference is in the house edge – the profit that a casino makes from a game over time. Games that rely entirely on luck, such as online slots or bingo, usually have a higher house edge, while skills-based games like blackjack and poker have a lower house edge, as they allow players to make certain decisions that can help inform the outcome.

Understanding Return to Player (RTP)

Something else that’s important to consider when playing Slingo online is the Return to Player, or RTP. Expressed as a percentage, the RTP is the theoretical amount that a particular game is expected to return to players over time. The higher a specific game’s RTP, the more you can expect to win back – although it’s important to remember that this is simply a theory, not a guarantee.

While every Slingo game has its own individual RTP, such as 96.5% for Slingo Starburst or 95.6% for Slingo Rainbow Riches, the general RTP range lies between 90% and 95%. Just look for a game with a preferable RTP, and look forward to rewarding entertainment!

Random Number Generators

Can Slingo be hacked or rigged? No – thanks to something known as the Random Number Generator. An RNG is a computer algorithm that generates random numbers to ensure that the outcome of every online computer game is completely fair and random.

With the RNG in place, you can be sure that every time you play Slingo online, the result will be a fair one, with no fraudulent activity behind it. It’s all about luck, which is what makes gaming online so exciting!

How to win at Slingo
Basic Slingo strategy

Basic Slingo strategy

Now that you know a bit more about the game of Slingo, it’s time to learn some basic strategy.

  1. Think before you buy extra spins: It might be tempting to want to purchase extra Slingo spins to complete a line, but is the risk worth the reward? For one number, it might be, for more than that, it might not play wisely.
  2. Think about your Wilds: If you’re lucky enough to score a Wild or a Super Wild, think before you use them. The best place to play one of these is always in a position that will move you closer to completing a line. Play strategically and it could pay off.
  3. Go for bonus rounds: Certain Slingo games offer lucrative bonus rounds which could help boost your bankroll. While these are often random, they can still be rewarding, so check to see which games offer bonus rounds and go from there.
  4. Keep your cool. While playing Slingo online is exciting, remember that the object of the game is always to have fun. If you find yourself too attached to the outcome of a game, take a break before you start chasing your losses, and always stay within your budget.
Basic Slingo strategy
What to Look for in Slingo

What to Look for in Slingo

How do you know you’re playing the best Slingo games at the best online Slingo sites? Let’s take a look:

Quality player experience

If you’re playing Slingo games with crystal-clear sound and graphics, easy-to-follow instructions in your own language, and a simple user interface, then you’re in the right place. Online casinos that prioritize quality are always the best choice.

Easy-to-use deposit options

Trusted online casinos make banking easy with a range of user-friendly deposit options like credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets and more. If you can bank safely and easily in your own currency, that’s always your best bet.

Private and confidential

Making sure your player information and financial details are safe is always important. Online casinos with strict privacy and confidentiality policies are the ideal way to ensure complete peace of mind.

Legal and licensed

Always make sure that your online casino offers legal game play in your country, and is licensed in a reputable online gambling jurisdiction such as Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Curacao, Malta or similar. It’s the only way to play.

Continued support

Finally, if your online casino offers an easily available support team, that’s one of the best trust cues you can find. Make sure that you’re being offered quality support via either live chat, phone or email, and you’ll be onto a good thing.

What to Look for in Slingo
Top Slingo Game Providers

Top Slingo Game Providers

If you’re looking to play the best Slingo games, then you’re looking for Slingo Originals. First developed in 1994 by a New Jersey real estate developer, Slingo was acquired by RealNetworks in 2013, and later sold to London-based developer, Gaming Realms.

Known today as Slingo Originals and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, the company has over the years developed more than 1,200 games, including online slots, progressive jackpots, table games, and, of course, variations of the classic Slingo itself.

While Slingo has licensing and distribution agreements with more than 80 local and international online casinos, it remains the only provider of original Slingo games. So whenever you’re playing Slingo online, you can be sure you’re playing with the first and the best.

Top Slingo Game Providers
Online Slingo Safety and Security

Online Slingo Safety and Security

Aside from having fun, one of the most important aspects of playing Slingo online is knowing that you’re playing in a safe and secure casino environment. Here’s how you can be sure your online casino is taking care of you:

It makes use of security controls

Protocols like encryption technology are of the utmost importance when ensuring your safety online. If your online casino uses encryption technology such as 128 or 256-bit SSL or TLS to protect your passwords and your personal information, then you can be sure you’re playing it safe.

It’s fair and compliant

Remember the RNG? This needs to be evaluated regularly, along with fairness and compliance standards, to ensure that an online casino is following industry best practices. Check to see if your online casino is certified by third party providers like eCOGRA or TST, and you’ll know that it’s following international quality standards.

It verifies your identity

When you’re playing at a Slingo casino, you’ll eventually want to withdraw a portion of your winnings at some point. If your casino doesn’t ask you to verify your identity when you request a withdrawal for the first time, that’s a red flag.

Identity verification is vital in preventing fraud, and while it may be a little time-consuming, it’s necessary to ensure your ongoing safety. Once it’s done, it’s done, and you can trust that your identity is protected.

Online Slingo Safety and Security


Everything you need to know about casinos

Is Slingo available from multiple software providers?

No. While Slingo has licensing and distribution agreements with some of the world’s leading online casinos and operators, Slingo Originals is the exclusive producer of online Slingo games.

Can you beat Slingo?

No. You can’t beat Slingo, but you can make informed choices about your game play. Use your Wilds wisely, think about whether you want to spend money on extra spins, and always protect your bankroll.

Is Return to Player RTP important?

Yes. RTP is always important, as the higher a game’s RTP, the more you’ll win back in the long run. The RTP of different Slingo games ranges from 90% to 95% on average, so choose the one that’s most rewarding for you.

Can Slingo be hacked or rigged?

No. Slingo can’t be hacked as its outcomes are based on luck, and regulated by an RNG. As long as the Slingo online casino submits to regular auditing of its RNG and compliance practices, it can’t be hacked.

Do Slingo games offer free bonuses?

Yes. There are a number of Slingo sites offering free bonuses, ranging from free cash to free spins. Simply find an online casino that’s reputable and trustworthy, and take it for a spin. Good luck!