Habanero Studio Games - The Casino Games you don't wanna miss!



Habanero Studio is one of the leading producers of slot games of the highest standard and specializes in producing online casino table games, not leaving out traditional land-based games. However, Habanero is not the industry's biggest star. Founded in 2012, Habanero has global network operations from four different geographical outlets which are in Johannesburg, Manila, Sofia and Kyiv, with its headquarters based in Malta. Having these additional openings would also help spread their tentacle across several jurisdictions which will encourage players to optimize their income from playing slots in Habanero without any restrictions.

Habanero Studio Games -  The Casino Games you don't wanna miss!

Language and Currency Adaptability

Different languages are incorporated into Habanero Slot games, such as English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Russian, with Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indonesian Asian flavors. This is to guarantee that everybody can engage with their array of games in their native language and not get lost in the translation, which can impede the outcome of their games due to terminology. Another advantage of playing Habanero games is the opportunity to play with different currencies . You can also play with cryptocurrencies; Habanero gaming is really that adaptable.

Personality and Experience

With almost a decade of existence, accompanied by forty years of experience from the crew pulling the strings together, these crew members are people who have practically seen it all in the industry. You can see the more reasons why Habanero slot games are gathering rapid popularity. The crew behind their creative outlays is made up of top-class mathematicians, engineering gurus, amazing designers and a solid managerial base.

Game Niche and Key Feature

Habanero has discovered simplicity in launching new games and revised models of old games, here we are talking about creative outlays. Now, players have the privilege of choosing amongst their amazing 10 video pokers for poker enthusiasts, 13 table games and over 100 slot games. All these games exceed expectations in terms of quality that you will look out for in games.

Habanero games are fun to play, we all know that the key reason for playing oftentimes is for the incentives and the additional opportunity that developers give to outmatch each other, and in this respect, Habanero is not deficient. Incredible prizes await you, bumper bonus rounds, and you can even look forward to all the bundle of the money-making jackpot of Habanero Studio Games. Titles like the 12 Zodiac is an 18 pay-line video slot that provides around 3x win multipliers and a progressive jackpot just to whet your appetite. The simple fact is that you will be so fascinated by these titles that it will put you right into the thick of things with an enjoyable experience that you will benefit from it.

Licenses and Certification

Two major testing laboratories have thoroughly tested and accredited Habanero Gaming; BMM Lab has served the casino industry for 38 years both in the land-based or in the online category and has given the approvals to Habanero games. Another renowned testing to have gone through their games is the iTech Lab which has also ensured that their truthfulness is thoroughly attested to. Therefore, Habanero Games is officially accredited in 16 various countries across continents to market its games. And all Habanero games are based on HTML5 to ensure that they are all playable on both IOS and Android mobile devices, not excluding desktop devices too.

Habanero Slots Payout Rates

Typically, RTP calculations are an average percentage normally calculated at more than 10,000 or 100,000 games or spins. As their RTP alternatively known as Return-To-Player is capped at 97 per cent, the Habanero slot provides incredibly high profit, and this is a major plus for gamers. From practice, much of the payout rate from habanero games are mostly at the lowest with 96.54 per cent, though it goes as high as 98 per cent, which is of great monetary value.

Top 10 Games from Habanero

  • Loony Blox Slot
  • Happiest Christmas Tree Slot
  • Hey Sushi Slot
  • Fortune Dogs Slot
  • Ruffled Up Slot
  • Santa's Village Slot
  • Fa Cai Shen Deluxe Slot
  • The Dead Escape Slot
  • Hot Hot Fruit Slot
  • Buggy Bonus Slot

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